The team

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The team of people engaged in this project consist of a unique mix of old school veteran’s and new school junior entrepreneurs. Having this multidisciplinary mix of competences and experiences has been one of the key success factors in the development of this unique product, enabling us to cover so many aspects (hardware, software, technology, cloud, user interaction, product design, business proposition and commercialization).

Dock2Office was founded by Leendert van der Plas, Liesbeth Brackel and Caroline Kroon. Each of them has >25 years working experience in different fields of businesses. The Dock2Office team is completed with Simon Desnerck, Alec Momont, Ivo Smits and Paul Beukelman.


We are:

druppel liesbeth druppel leen druppel caroline
Liesbeth Brackel
Founder | CEO
Leendert van der Plas
Founder | CTO
Caroline Kroon
Founder | CPD
druppel alec druppel simon druppel paul ivo
Alec Momont
Industrial designer
Simon Desnerck
Industrial designer
Paul Beukelman
Online marketing manager
Ivo Smits
Software engineer