The Sphinx – its Brains

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The Sphinx: A beauty with brains

Besides a beautiful designed stand, the Sphinx also has some strong brains. The computing device embedded in the Sphinx is responsible for all communication between the connected input devices and the Internet. In essence the computing device within the Sphinx can be seen as an IOT (Internet of Things) -device.

During our software development and field-testing phase, we used a slightly modified version of the Raspberry Pi. As most people probably know, the Raspberry Pi is a standard COM which is very popular for building embedded solutions. The internal setup of electronics in one of our prototypes can be seen in the following picture.

The final production release of the Sphinx electronics will have almost identical specifications as the Raspberry Pi. The core of the solution will also be a standard COM module expanded with dedicated power and I/O components. Setting up the production of this board will be the main investment with Kickstarter fundings. This will be a combined effort of Dock2Office and our electronic partner Metatronics.