Dock2Office Uses New Raspberry Pi Compute Module to Launch The Sphinx, World’s First Smart Tablet Dock

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THE HAGUE, The Netherlands — May 6th, 2014 — The Dutch company Dock2Office (D2O) is proud to announce that the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module will be embedded in the Sphinx. Together with Dock2Office patent pending technology, it’ll be world’s first smart tablet dock.

The Sphinx transforms every tablet and iPad into a complete desktop workstation enabling the use of mouse and full size keyboard in Remote Desktop environments. This is made possible by the D2O technology, which virtualizes input devices – by a way of a cloud platform and remote desktop integration.

To enable this groundbreaking technology, the Sphinx by Dock2Office will embed the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module. The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is a smaller version of the original Raspberry Pi, specially developed to be embedded in commercial products.

Dock2Office choses to utilize the Raspberry Pi product because the Raspberry Pi Foundation has proven to be a trustworthy and professional organization with dedicated support to the Raspberry Pi platform and its community. Dock2Office will receive long term support and advice needed to enhance the product life cycle of the Sphinx. Already over 3 million Raspberry Pi’s have been sold and therefore the Raspberry Pi is likely to become the new standard in the industry.

The new Raspberry Pi Compute Module will be integrated in a specially designed I/O carrier board from Dock2Office and be placed in the base of the Sphinx. This combination of beauty and brains makes the Sphinx not only an unique solution using the tablet as a full Remote Desktop solution. Combined with a tablet screen it creates also a full size Raspberry Pi computer with all necessary I/O available that can help bringing many imaginable Raspberry Pi-projects to live.

Leendert van der Plas, Dock2Office CTO, says: “It’s so much fun to see what could be done with the revolutionary credit card sized single-board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We are amazed to see the number and range of creative and innovative projects at Kickstarter embedding the Raspberry Pi into systems and even commercial products. Nice examples are the Kickstarter projects Kano and HDMIPi.”

Already in the product concept development phase Dock2Office embedded the Raspberry Pi in the first prototypes of the Sphinx and tested these in different user environments. All these pilots have been very successful and the Raspberry Pi functioned so well, it exceeded our expectations by far.

“We really wanted to use the Raspberry Pi as base platform in our product, but it was very difficult to position all the I/O we needed for our product in the base of the Sphinx. When we heard the good news about the release of a Raspberry Pi Compute Module, we didn’t hesitate and decided to embed this great new product in the Sphinx docking station. It expands the original Raspberry Pi carrier board we used in our pilots, matching almost all existing Raspberry Pi I/O connectivity. Not only external connectors (HDMI, audio), but also the GPIO connector from Raspberry Pi is now available, enabling the user to also connect existing expansion boards to the Sphinx”.

Just like all product materials used for the Sphinx, the Raspberry Pi components are of high quality, meaning that the I/O connectors and chips used meet the industrial quality standards. This makes the Sphinx and its internals a reliable and durable product.

Dock2Office is convinced that the unique combination of its patent pending D2O technology, the embedded new Raspberry Pi Compute Module ánd the partnership with Splashtop, as announced last week, together create a groundbreaking solution that will change the way people use their tablets. Ánd justify the Sphinx to be the world’s first intelligent tablet docking station. Powered by Raspberry Pi.

Leendert van der Plas: “We are proud to give our Kickstarter backers the opportunity to be the first to receive this innovative tablet docking station in their hands, giving them the ‘next big thing’ in the tablet market.”

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