Kickstarter update #2 Our Post Launch Week

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Dear Backers,

For our new backers: Welcome to the Sphinx community! Thanks for your great support. Also your questions and comments show us how much you are into this project already. And we like that!

Doesn’t it look great how our campaign and video were picked up last week in the USA?

Start at 1:35 to listen to the Sphinx promo.

Next steps

We are very pleased with all the positive reactions, it’s very encouraging. But we also learned there is still some room for improvements:

We received some questions regarding how to create an extra complete desktop workstation IN THE HOME with the Sphinx. We listened carefully and took immediate action as we believe that ‘families’ are also a very important target audience for the Sphinx.

With the Sphinx and your tablet you can easily create extra work stations for your family making use of the computing power of your own home computer. On the Kickstarter page you’ll find a special paragraph dedicated to “The Sphinx–In the Home”. Here you can find more info and the new instruction video “How to install an extra workstation in the home”. Please have a look. If you still have any questions, let us know!

Campaigning – or how to find the next backers for our project

After pushing the green launch button of our campaign, the real work started: campaigning!
We realize we are on our way, happy to pass the 13K after 9 days, but there is still a way to go. The main focus of every member of the Dock2Office team is spreading the news and get other people interested, motivated ánd activated.

We’ve sent an additional press release to >1000 USA journalists and reporters of daily newspapers, tech magazines, tech blogs, news websites, television shows etc. as The Sphinx deserves their attention! For the press release click:

Other news we would like to share with you:

  • We are in contact with one Daas supplier (Cloud Desktop) and one Remote Application developer partner – up with our release in Q4. This looks promising.
  • Coming weeks we’ll discuss the possibilities with potential Out the Home – partners in the Educational, Hotel and Public Office Spaces – markets. Very interesting!
  • We welcomed also our first SDK (Software Developer Kit)-backer. He is planning to build something great with the D2O technology.
  • The first discussions on ‘iPads not having a mouse input’ on the Apple Forum are there, if you’re interested see:

So far so good – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELP! It really means a lot to us. Please keep spreading the word, and follow Dock2office on

We wish you all:


Liesbeth, Leendert and Caroline