Kickstarter update #3: Great News!

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Dear Sphinx Backers, here is our Update #3 in Week #3 of our campaign:

Splashtop Partnership

We are proud to announce our first partnership with Splashtop Inc., one of the leading companies in the remote desktop applications market. Already more than 15 million people have downloaded Splashtop products. Their partnership with Dock2Office shows their enthusiasm for our product. And that’s very encouraging!

Splashtop Bonus Offer for our Backers

As a Backer, you also benefit from this partership. All our Kickstarter backers receive a six month free subscription for Splashtop® Business (value $30).
With Splashtop® Business – in combination with the Sphinx-, you will be able to remotely access, open and edit all of your business applications and files on your tablet with mouse and full-sized keyboard, just as if you were sitting in front of your computer.
To see how Splashtop Business works, please have a look:

Product Update

Thanks for your questions and remarks. This helps us a lot filling in the missing pieces of information which we recently added on the website and Kickstarter page. A summary:

  • Powering the Sphinx
    It is possible to power your Sphinx with both a power cable ánd an external battery.
  • Bluetooth
    With the Sphinx you can use a Bluetooth USB dongle to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices like mouse and keyboard
  • Data and Information Security
    Using the Sphinx you work in a secure data environment as the Dock2Office technology make use of strong encryption and patent pending reverse connectivity initialization. Also SSL transport protocol is used.

The Sphinx Backer “World of Fame”

All Backers who pledge > $25 will be named in our “World of Fame” on our website. We have created a nice “Google Maps” World Map to visualise which part of the world our backers come from. To be able to ‘map’ all of you, we need the name of the city and country you live inWe will not mention names and addresses! 
Can you please check your Kickstarter profile. If you fill in this information we can add you on the map.


Last week we sent a press release to the educational market as we strongly believe in the added value of using the Sphinx in the classroom.
In schools, the iPad is increasingly seen as a versatile learning tool that makes knowledge more accessible and enables study materials to be adapted to each student’s learning abilities.
Using the Sphinx in classrooms enables iPads to be transformed into ergonomic desktops. Students can work together or alone on papers and presentations on the iPad with a keyboard and mouse.

In the Press

Last week our Sphinx press release was picked up by

Last but not least…

People support projects on Kickstarter because they want to be a part of making an idea happen. We hope you like this adventure as much as we do!