Kickstarter update #4: The Sphinx, a Beauty with Brains

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Dear Backers,

The Sphinx may look like a regular tablet dock, but it does much more. 

The Sphinx is the world’s first intelligent docking station that uses patent pending D2O- technology, transforming every tablet and iPad into a complete desktop workstation. When used in combination with a mouse and full size keyboard, this unique technology enables tablet users to work with every business application on their tablet the same way as they are used to on their desktops or laptops. How Smart!

This week we announced that Dock2Office will embed the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module in the Sphinx.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Already over 3 million Raspberry Pi’s have been sold and therefore the Raspberry Pi is likely to become the new standard in the industry. The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is a smaller version of the original Raspberry Pi, specially developed to be embedded in commercial products.

We already loved Raspberry Pi

Already in the product concept development phase we embedded the original Raspberry Pi in the first prototypes of the Sphinx and tested these in different user environments. All these pilots have been very successful and the Raspberry Pi functioned so well, it exceeded our expectations by far.

But.. integrating the original Raspberry Pi Model A and Model B was a challenge, as the existing USB and the power support were not strong enough. Developing a compact expansion board was the only option to be able to integrate the Raspberry Pi platform in the base of our Sphinx.

Yes…! We were thrilled when we received the confirmation of the release of the new Raspberry Pi Compute Moduleand we didn’t hesitate to redesign our internal electronics and use this great new product in the Sphinx docking station. It will be integrated in a specially designed I/O carrier board from Dock2Office and be placed in the base of the Sphinx:

The Sphinx becoming even more smart! 

The carrier board developed for the Sphinx focusses on extended support for USB communication with Raspberry Pi Compute module. Not only are there four USB 2.0 host connections available, also the power delivery on the USB ports is maximized. And for further expansion there is an optional on-board USB pin connector available.  Also we decided to expand the usability of our carrier-board. Besides our own USB, Ethernet and Wifi I/O, we added almost all Raspberry Pi I/O options like HDMI, 3,5 mm audio and 26 pin GPIO.

The Sphinx.. ready for the future!

The Sphinx, with its unique Sphinx RPi-CM carrier-board, will be one of the first commercial/industrial projects created in combination with the unique new Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It will open up a whole new world of possibilities where tablets and intelligent docks expand the way how tablets are used.

The Sphinx: a Beauty with Brains

This combination of beauty and brains makes the Sphinx

  • An unique solution using the tablet as a full Remote Desktop solution.
  • Combined with a tablet screen it creates also a full size Raspberry Pi computerwith all necessary I/O available that can help bringing many imaginable Raspberry Pi-projects to live.

The Sphinx, the world’s first intelligent tablet docking station. Powered by Raspberry Pi.