Kickstarter update #5: The Sphinx by Dock2Office – next steps after Kickstarter (and how to stay in touch)

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Dear Backers, 

Only 3 days to go before our Kickstarter campaign will end (Saturday 24th May). We have to be realistic and conclude that unfortunately we are not going to meet our funding goal of 125K. This update is to inform you further about our next steps.

“There are more ways that lead to Rome”

Just because we did not successfully fund our Kickstarter does not mean we stop believing in our project/product.
We loved the dynamics of doing a Kickstarter campaign and we did not want to have missed this experience. We learned a lot, got a lot of attention and gained new valuable insights which helped us to better fit the needs of our customers.
During the campaign our believe in our ‘project’ grew even stronger

  • Thanks to you. By supporting us you showed your believe in our vision (and product) and you also showed trust in the Dock2Office team. This means a lot to us.
  • Our campaign and the announcement of the Sphinx attracted a great deal of attention in the press, with positive side effects: the press coverage opened doors to partnerships.

So what’s next? 

Developing and marketing a product are like left and right feet, they both have to work for the product to succeed. That’s why the Dock2Office team decided to proceed as follows to get the market ready for this next step:

We have decided to build ca. #100 working prototypes of The Sphinx with the needed technology infrastructure, to be completed in early Q4-2014 (around October).

  • Seeing is Believing- We want our target audience to see and to test our product in real life. These ready-made prototypes will be used in different pilots in the market segments Education, HealthCare and Public office spaces.
    Our aim is to build compelling use cases through these pilots with an excellent user experience.
  • The best product is the one that sells itself – These best practices will be used for publicity and outbound PR campaigns, starring the pilot owners and users as our ambassadors and communicating their testimonials.

Teamwork is make a dream work

As a valuable backer of our project we would like to stay in touch with you. Therefor we want to ask you the following questions:

  • Do you want to be kept informed about the next steps and developments of Dock2Office?
  • Are you still interested in buying the Sphinx?
  • Do you have resources that can help us to get The Sphinx in the market? For example: contacts who are interested in our pilot or who like to participate financially to make a first production run possible? 

Please let us knowand fill in your contact details by clicking on this link Future updates can also be found on our website.

The Sphinx is the first product of its kind to meet a growing need, changing every tablet into a complete desktop workstation. Enabling tablet users to work comfortably with every business application on their tablet with mouse and keyboard.

Thank you for supporting The Sphinx, the worlds’s first intelligent tablet dock.

We are looking forward hearing from you, 
Ready for Phase 2!

Best regards,

The Dock2Office team
Leendert, Liesbeth, Caroline en Paul

PS. Just to be sure ! Within Kickstarter rules, your pledge will only be cashed if the target amount of a project is reached. So nobody will be charged and you don’t need to unsubscribe from our project.