Press release: Dock2Office transforms every tablet into a desktop workstation

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(The Hague, The Netherlands) April 17th, 2014 – The Dutch company
Dock2Office launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of
the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a docking station that transforms every tablet into
a desktop workstation, enabling the tablet to be used comfortably with a
keyboard and mouse.
Thanks to technological developments in cloud computing, BYOD, VDI, DaaS and
Remote desktop applications, it is now possible to open virtual desktop
environments on a tablet. These days, it’s hard to imagine a world where people
don’t use tablets.
Research has shown that 94% of companies listed in the Forbes 500 use tablets.
Also there is no doubt that the opportunities offered by tablets in the classroom are
wide-reaching. Schools which embrace the technology benefit by offering more
interesting, engaging lessons to a generation increasingly exposed to advanced
gadgets at home.
However, the lack of a mouse and full-sized keyboard makes it almost impossible
to work on a tablet in this desktop environment. The Dutch company Dock2Office
now offers the ultimate solution, and is using Kickstarter to launch its docking
station, the Sphinx.

The Sphinx bridges the mobile gap providing a desktop computing experience and
making productivity possible with your tablet, anywhere. Since the Sphinx
transforms every tablet into a desktop workstation, you will no longer have to
switch between your tablet, laptop and desktop. This is the ideal solution for
anyone who has to work at different locations, yet doesn’t want to have to take
several devices along with them to do so.
Dock2Office envisions the Sphinx to be used in the home as an extra workstation
or at a variety of Out Of the Home- locations such as hotels, airports, schools and
flexible workplaces. This enables you to dock your tablet anywhere and get down
to your work, always and everywhere.

The Sphinx is the world’s first intelligent docking station that uses patent pending
Dock2Office technology. What makes the Dock2Office technology unique is
that any tablet can use any Sphinx to access a remote computer as long as the
user has a subscription to the Dock2Office cloud server. When used in
combination with a mouse and keyboard, this technology makes the Sphinx a
versatile tool for busy environments like hospitals, schools or guest work offices.

The Sphinx unlocks the working power of the tablet, and offers the best of both
worlds: the portability, flexibility and convenience of a tablet with the productivity
and comfort of working on a desktop computer. The Sphinx also promotes good
ergonomic posture while working, preventing problems such as “tablet neck
syndrome” and “the Gorilla arm”.
Dock2office. When tablet and desktop become one.
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