The Sphinx – the Functionality

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The Sphinx allows you to dock any tablet to transform it into a comfortable desktop workstation adding mouse and keyboard.

The Sphinx is the world’s first intelligent docking station which embeds Dock2Office’s patent pending technology. With this technology it’s possible to connect every input device to every computing device. It’s now possible to use your favorite mouse and full-sized keyboard on your tablet. So you can easily manipulate your office documents, technical drawings or spreadsheets on your tablet. Just like you are used to on your PC or laptop.


With the Sphinx you can:

  • get your work done on your tablet!
  • easily create extra pc workstations with your tablet in your home or in the classroom.
  • control your tablet with your mouse and keyboard (even iPad!).
  • fully interact with your Cloud (Daas, VDI) or Remote desktop environment.
  • work in a secure data environment as the Dock2Office technology make use of strong encryption and patent pending reverse connectivity initialization. Also SSL transport protocol is used.
  • use Bluetooth USB dongle to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices like mouse and keyboard.
  • sit and work in a comfortable and ergonomic position.
  • become part of the next big thing in consumerization of IT.


When tablet and desktop become one

With the Sphinx you get the best of both worlds: The portability and ease of a tablet combined with the productivity and convenience of a desktop.


With the Sphinx and your tablet you create an extra workplace in the home.



Spending too much hours on a tablet on its own, you put yourself  at risk for a “text neck” causing pain in the hands, shoulders, neck and back.

If you want more productivity with your tablet, you need not only the right input devices like a mouse and a full-sized keyboard but also to sit in a comfortable position. The Sphinx transforms your tablet into a comfortable desktop workstation.