How to create an extra workstation

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How to create an extra pc workstation at home?

To create an extra pc workstation with your home desktop PC or laptop you need to do the following:

  • Activate your home desktop pc or laptop
  • Download and install the Virtualization software  “Virtualbox”; 
This software allows your home desktop PC or laptop to be the host computer with which you can create and run one or more virtual pc’s.
  • Create a “virtual machine” within Virtualbox (Windows, OSX or Linux).
  • Start up the “virtual machine”. You now have two computers running on one.
  • Download and install Remote desktop software like Splashtop on the “virtual machine” and on your tablet. The Remote desktop software gives you  access to the remote computer.
  • Download and Install the D2O receiver software on the “virtual machine”.
  • Start the Remote Desktop App on your tablet
  • Set up The Sphinx and connect the cables and the mouse and keyboard.

Now you created an extra pc workstation in your home!


You can also have a look at this video!