Software Development Kit

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Dock2Office SDK for developers

Beside the standard D2O receiver software which is available for most PC desktop operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux), there is also a complete SDK available for developers. With the SDK it is possible to integrate D2O virtual input devices within your own software, even when underlying operating system does not support these type of input devices.

Some examples are:

•  Mouse support within iOS applications.
•  Wacom pen tablet support in iOS and Android applications.
•  Barcode scanner support in iOS and Android applications.

The D2O SDK will be available for all major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux).


Sphinx device plugin SDK for hardware device suppliers

We are also working on a SDK for hardware device suppliers to build input device plugins for the Sphinx. These plugins will enable the use of specific input devices which are not default supported by Dock2Office.

This plugin SDK will be launched after the first production run of the Sphinx. There are two special pledges available for hardware partners who already want to work with us in the development phase.


Dock2Office partners

We are convinced that Dock2Office and the Sphinx enrich the emerging ecosystem around IT Consumerization, BYOD, Daas and virtualization. To really emerge this ecosystem we strongly believe in partnerships and integrating each other’s technology into total solutions for our customers.

Is your company specialized in:

•  Hosting Daas/Cloud Desktop solutions
•  Remote Desktop applications
•  Hardware input devices.

As a partner you can be part of our development phase and receive the first prototypes, hardware and software (estimate to be ready in the first half of Q4-14). With these prototypes and beta software you can develop your own product embedded with Dock2Office technology.


Join us in our adventure in changing the way people use their tablet. We’re eager to hear your ideas.