The Sphinx – Why?

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You love your tablet

It’s light, portable, easy to use and a great way to inform and entertain yourself.


But you get frustrated when you want to work on it


If you want to manipulate office documents, technical documents, spreadsheets and other business applications on your tablet, you still require the use of a mouse and a keyboard.


It’s time to change the way you can use your tablet

Thanks to streaming desktop technology like Daas, Cloud Desktop and Remote Desktop solutions it’s now possible to have access to your desktop everywhere and to run complete remote desktops on your tablet. To really be productive on your tablet you need the right input devices and sit in a comfortable ergonomic position.


Dock2Office provides you with the right business tool that helps you to do your work on your tablet everywhere, while giving you a real desktop experience.


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Meet the Sphinx

The Sphinx is the world’s first intelligent docking station which embeds Dock2Office’s patent pending technology. With this technology it’s possible to connect every input device to every computing device. It’s now possible to use your favorite mouse and full-sized keyboard on your tablet. So you can easily manipulate your office documents, technical drawings or spreadsheets on your tablet. Just like you are used to on your PC or laptop.

To use the Sphinx you need to install Dock2Office receiver software on your remote PC-desktop. Dock2Office receiver software is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. This software will be free to download from this website.