At home

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Wouldn’t it be great if you can use the power of your home computer to create an extra workstation for your family with help of the Sphinx?


use case - At home 1 use case - At home 2



It’s like having two computers in one

With the Sphinx and your tablet you can easily create extra work stations for your family making use of the computing power of your own home computer.

Computers of today are very powerful and have a lot of unused power. With virtualization software it is possible to use this extra unused power of your home computer for a computer system that can be visualized on the tablet. This allows other persons to work simultaneously on your home computer without impacting you.

Very cost efficient as you don’t have to buy extra laptops/desktops and ideal for your kids to make their homework on their tablet. Ideal for the whole family!


Do you want to create an extra workstation in the home, please go to the page ‘How to create an extra workstation’.