Business Traveler

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Wouldn’t it be great if you only have to take your tablet with you to get your work done everywhere?

use case - Business traveler 2

use case - Business traveler 1








Use your tablet with every Sphinx in the world

With The Sphinx available at airports and in hotels, you can travel light with only a tablet and be able to work on the go. No need to carry multiple devices.

Ideal for the (international) business traveler.

Our vision is a total integration of Dock2Office enabled docking stations at various ‘Out Of The Home’- locations like hotels, airports and public office spaces.

A subscription on the Dock2Office Cloud service gives you the ability to use every Sphinx in the world. Just login to Dock2Office services, enter the unique number of the Sphinx you are working on and get you work done on your tablet. Everywhere at any time.