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Wouldn’t it be great if there is a Sphinx in every classroom to turn your iPad into a computer work station? Not only practical for today’s education, but also cost saving.


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In schools the iPad is increasingly seen as a versatile learning tool that makes knowledge more accessible and enables study materials to be adapted to each student’s learning abilities. The Sphinx combines the use of an iPad with the benefits of a desktop computer, so you can work on an iPad the same way you would on your desktop pc or laptop.

The iPad stimulates ‘playful learning’ and promotes student productivity. Using the Sphinx in classrooms enables iPads to be transformed into ergonomic desktops.


The use of the Sphinx in the classroom

Students can work togethet or alone on the iPad on papers and presentations with a mouse and a keyboard. All they have to do is to put their own iPad on the Sphinx. Once they ‘ve locked in to the school network, they can start working in the familiar desktop environment and get their school taskes done on their iPad.



To use the Sphinx in the classroom can be cost-saving for schools. The children take their own iPads/tablets to school which makes the investment in extra pc desktops or laptops redundant.