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Wouldn’t it be great if you can access accurate patient information while on the run from one patient to the other and can easily record and securely share patient information on your tablet? 

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A complete mobile solution for iPad and tablets in healthcare

Healthcare professionals are looking for a work tool that allows them to have easy access to electronic health records (EHRs) and other medical information without having to carry around a laptop or walk to a desktop station.

The adoption of the iPad in the medical market has exceeded expected growth. The iPad and supporting apps can help healthcare professionals interact more effectively with patients and provide more immediate, focused treatment. The biggest advantage using iPads in the hospital is that the hospital’s doctors and nurses have bedside access to everything they need, and can remain in contact with patients and their families while viewing information that is critical to their care.

However, many EHR systems are virtualized versions of the systems seen on traditional pc computing platforms meaning it is much harder for physicians to quickly accomplish tasks. Also the lack of a mouse and full size keyboard makes it almost impossible to work on an iPad in this desktop environment. That’s why today the most healthcare professionals still shuttle constantly between patients and their desktop pc to get status updates, schedule surgeries, prescribe drugs, view X-rays, and perform other important tasks. This is not only time consuming but also inefficient and patient unfriendly.

Thanks to the Sphinx from Dock2Office, healthcare professionals can work on an iPad in the same way they are used to doing on their desktop or laptop. Since the Sphinx transforms every tablet into a desktop workstation, they will no longer have to switch between iPad, laptop and desktop. This is the ideal solution for everyone who has to work at different locations, yet doesn’t want to have to take several devices along with them to do so.

The Sphinx also promotes good ergonomic posture while working, preventing problems such as “tablet neck syndrome” and “the Gorilla arm”.